Scoping Reports

Before committing to a full environmental assessment, it is a good idea to commission a brief scoping report. These review all available data to let you know what applies to your site, including; Biodiversity Values, Plant Community Type, threatened species habitats, Bushfire Prone Land, Strahler Stream Values, Minimum Lot Size, Land Zoning, and even the bushfire history of the land.

A scoping report can be done in a few hours, or a few days, depending on the size of the site and number of development options you want analysed.

Examples of why you would want this done include:

  • to determine if a Biodiversity Assessment Method Report (BDAR) is required to build on the land
  • to find the best location on a site to build and develop
  • to determine if a site has potential to sell biodiversity credits, and profit from not clearing the land