Tony Hastings, Environmental Consultant, is now available for honest and accurate biodiversity assessment, environmental surveys and related reports. I can do a background check, including biodiversity values, known threatened species and communities, and other elements that ‘trigger’ the requirement for addition reports. I also offer drafting services, to assist owner-builders gain council approval.

Operating as a sole trader, I am able to offer the same services as the big consultancies for much lower prices.
I’m geared up to help owner-builders with the reports needed, to assess what clearing is permissible, and provide advice. I can produce any maps needed, draw plans, and help with any forms & paperwork.

I am in the process of gaining “BAM Accreditation”, which means I can assess sites and produce the Biodiversity Assessment Method Reports (BDAR) and Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Reports (BSSAR), required for biodiversity credit exchange.
“The BAM” theoretically offsets the impacts of developments by establishing permanent conservation reserves. Developers may simply pay for the offset cost to the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT), who then seek to buy credits from land owners who are prepared to establish stewardship sites (conservation reserves). While the establishment process can be difficult and time consuming, the rewards are huge – both financially and for the environment.
In the Bega and Eurobodalla Shires, there are thousands of properties likely to trigger the BAM if developed, and correspondingly there are thousands of properties that can potentially profit from conservation. I’m here to help in both cases.

I also offer environmental interpretation; understanding the important and interesting natural elements of a site, and using design skills to present these elements to the public; through photos, illustrations, text and/or narration, in media such as printed signs, websites, fliers, films or fine art.
Please contact me to discuss your project and obtain a free quote.

Contact: tony@tonyhastings.com.au